Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BAR HOPPING | 2 Tea Dancing Delights!


I really don’t know if “T” or “Tea” is the correct spelling for a gay afternoon of music, fun, frolic and dancing. All I know is that back in the day the “Tea” dance was a Sunday event that most gay men never missed. In resort places like Provincetown, Fire Island, Rehoboth Beach, and Ft. Lauderdale the Sunday phenomenon was all the rage. Ah, does anyone remember the Marlin Beach on Ft. Lauderdale beach, The Blue Whale and The Pavilion on Fire Island? Sometimes set on the beach or near the beach, muscled, shirtless men were barely clad in Speedo’s. Caution was thrown into the wind as cocktails flowed and the music boomed on. The hedonistic, ceremonious dance was usually started at 4:00pm the same time as the English “High Tea”. That is why I am going to spell it “Tea” for the rest of this article. After an afternoon at the beach there was the prep time before the actual “Tea” that was just as important as the dance, if you catch my drift. All of us of a certain age can fondly remember the weekly pilgrimage to the local “beach-y” watering hole for the place to be seen and hook up.
Fast forward to 2012.


The Royal Palms Resort of Ft. Lauderdale hosts an updated version of the traditional “Tea” Dance once a month. The gay resort is a three story, brilliant white, upscale resort steps from the beach with the most fabulous rooms. With two sparkling pools and two DJ’s pumping out the latest songs, this IS the place to be seen on a Sunday afternoon in Ft. Lauderdale. Although you might find it difficult to actually see anyone dancing at this Sunday afternoon party, the look and feel is totally, truly “Tea”.  I give The Royal Palms Resort the coveted five palms award plus a tanned, muscled pool boy with a big smile and extra time on his hands.
It does not have “Tiny Tina” entertaining from the end of the diving board and you can’t dance in the “Poop Deck” while watching people swim in the pool but the T-Dance at the Palms is the closest anyone has come to recreating the Sunday T from the past. The staff is great, the venue is Fun, Clean, large and inviting. We have been a couple of times and it seems to be getting busier.  The only thing that would make it better for me and guys my age would be for the DJ to play Older, more relaxed afternoon type dance music.  This would hopefully start the guys around the pool to start dancing….. I give the “Palms T”  Five buff box boys.


Although this “Tea” Dance doesn’t take place at 4:00pm or take place near the beach, this “Tea” is probably the truest replica to the iconic “Teas” of the past. DJ Richie Rich turns Boom into a time machine playing retro songs like:
“I Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet (Gonzales),
Lay All Your Love on Me (Abba),
No More Tears (Donna Summer),
Come to Me (France Joli),
It’s Raining Men (The Weather Girls),
Star Love (Cheryl Lynn),

The Boss (Diana Ross),
Disco Heat (Sylvester),
So Many Men So Little Time (Miquel Brown), and
Souvenirs (Voyage). 
It is no wonder this weekly party is so well attended. Once you’re on the dance floor, you find yourself surrounded by sweaty box boys, platform shoes, rhinestone shirts, tambourines, whistles, glow sticks, finger lights, flashing batons, and hand fans. This is true “Tea” magic at its best! Thanks Boom! If you ever find yourself in Ft. Lauderdale on a Sunday, the “Tea” at Boom is a MUST, there is no equal. I give the “Tea” at Boom a pair of platforms, a sparkly shirt and an Afro wig. Simply the best!

I think my partner says it all.  The music is addicting and the sites take you back to a less serious time in our lives.  Then venue is a far cry from the my idea of T, but with DJ Ritchie Rich and bartender Sal they seem to transport my dancing legs back to time when I could dance all night. If I could have my perfect T it would be to combine the best qualities of both the “T at Boom” and the “Palms T”. Until my fantasy becomes a reality I will continue to support both venues and dream of the past when I too was young, tanned and dancing the weekend away.    

Monday, March 12, 2012


“In Eddie’s Words” March Fun & Vegas Baby!
Well that was a fast month and the events at the end of February were great, we had a Hot Rodeo fundraiser beer bust and the Oscars the same day and the customers enjoyed both. Our annual Madri Gras Saturday and Fat Tuesday where a huge success! Our customers enjoyed the King Cakes with the winners getting giant Madri Gras beads. We gave more beads than ever this year.
We also had an employee outing and had a blast playing Bingo 
at the Fantasy Springs Casino. Unfortunately, we only had one bingo winner in the group. Maybe next time more of us will win!  On Sunday, March 11h most of the staff is heading to Las Vegas for the Bar & Nightclub convention which is always a great time!  It gives us a chance to have fun together away from work; I went ten years in a row and enjoyed every one.  I will stay back to run the club along with some other employees so the rest of our management staff can enjoy a well deserved break and get new ideas for our clubs.
We hosted a Primetimers function on March 5th.The guys enjoyed their social meeting, cocktails and a wonderful buffet by Bongo Johnny's. Don’t forget our nine-hour happy hour everyday and our Friday $2 well special, Wednesday underwear night and contest. Look out for St. Patrick’s Day Saturday, March 17th with green and Irish drink specials -  $1.50 green draft beer, $3 Scooby Snack, $8 Appletini $4/$5 Guinsess. Help us welcome in the first day of Spring on Tuesday, March 20th with drink specials- Cherry blossom Shooters $2, and Sweet Tea Vodka $3.
We would like to wish our
HUNTERS PALM SPRINGS employee of the month for February Miguel congratulations! A very Happy Birthday this March to two employees Troy T. and Brandon. April will be a very busy month with Easter and White Party falling on the same weekend this year and Dinah Shore the weekend before. So until next month check us out and like us on facebook, twitter and Yelp, have fun and cheers.

Monday, March 5, 2012



3000 South River Road . Des Plaines, IL . 847 795 0777


This circular bar is in the heart of the brand new Rivers Casino in Northwest Chicago near O’Hare airport, but it is far from having a heart. When we arrived it was DOA and lifeless. Although the bar is somewhat pretty with extra large barstools and plush, monochromatic sofa seating around the perimeter, this bar is probably the most boring bar I’ve ever encountered. Even being surrounded on all sides by the action of a brisk casino business this bar is uninteresting, practically colorless and sleepy. The bartender was vanilla with absolutely no personality at all. The drinks were blah and the scene was just plain beige. How can that be? They are smack dab in the middle of a crowded casino. This bar needs a jolt from a defibrillator. I give The Lotus Bar at the Rivers Casino in slot machine lingo, a lemon, a plum, a blank space and a bell……..ding, ding, ding, zilch.

Well my Slot Machine King partner pretty much said it all. One would expect some type of similarity to the Casinos in Vegas, but I was wrong.  My biggest complaint of Vegas Casinos is that they are way too loud; I only wish this was the case at Rivers Casino. No excitement, No Bells and sirens of the slots, No personality at all. The bar was in the middle of the casino, which should be bustling with people, but there were only two or three others sitting at the bar staring into space.  Our bartender with no enthusiasm took our order served our drinks and walked away, never engaging in eye contact or conversation. We even had to ask for another round or we were never going to get one. At this point writing about this experience even bores me and with that said, you only have to guess my rating. ????