Thursday, May 17, 2012

At The Heart of Hunters

At the heart of Hunters Nightclubs are not cocktails, drinks, music or videos. 
At the heart of Hunters Nightclubs are people.
People are our soul, give us our spirit and character. 
People breathe life into a room of barstools & glasses. 
People bring Hunters alive, saturate it with its exclusive, uncommon and, yes,
exceptional personality.

I am so very proud of our people!
I’d like to take this moment to personally thank each and every member of our Hunters team,
both in Palm Springs and Chicago. Your ongoing daily efforts, hard work, dedication and continual
professionalism mirror your own pride, loyalty and devotion to our Hunters family.
After recently studying what’s behind daily operations at both locations, I feel certain that we
currently employ the strongest, most compassionate and caring staff that we’ve had for many,
many years.

At Hunters Palm Springs, manager Jennifer Seymour (also a co-owner) 
deserves special mention
for working hard to bring the positive Hunters experience to every patron. Her entire team also
Patrick R., Rene G., Spike C., Thomas B., Tom W., Troy H., Troy T., and Wayne M. Jeff H., 
Jim G., John B., Jorge, Juan C., Kevin K., 
merits praise: Anthony B., Bob C., Brandon V., Chris W., Eddie M., Evette D., Heather K., Herbie M.,
Kristine W., Mary B., Miguel C., Mike D., Paris A.

In Chicago, our stellar manager Tom Cloutier, as well as the complete crew there, have also
certainly earned my grateful thanks and praise: Alex G., Amanda R., Bill L., Brad B., Brian A., Brook
A., Chris A., Emil B., Jack H., Jason C., Justine R., Matt L., Ron G., Russ E., Sean P., Steve Z., Tarah L.,
Trini G., Vince E.

On another note, you’ve noticed Hunters Nightclubs
has noticeably progressed this year in many
ways: publishing on our website our “Promise,” which strengthens the bond with our customers;
initiating a new tagline, “Spirits Elevated;” and affirming a renewed dedication from all of our staff
to every individual patron. These are all building blocks in our tower of success.

Finally, I must comment on something we all have marveled at: how extraordinary our patrons
are! Friendly, respectful, warm, caring, fun-loving...what an unexpected pleasure in the nightclub
industry! We are indebted and grateful to them, for we would never have survived a single night,
much less 30 years in Chicago and 13 years in Palm Springs, without each and every one of them.
All these relationships occurring on both sides of the bar have meshed to create, quite amazingly,
one big and very happy family.
Last but not least, I want to thank my partner in life, Patrick. 
Without him nothing would be possible.

If you’ve seen me in person lately, you’ve definitely caught me smiling...and will continue to do so.
Why? Look in the’s because of YOU, and because of all of our people.
I can only humbly thank you, as I embrace you all in my heart.

Mark Hunter

Monday, May 14, 2012

DMK Burger Bar

"TOP NOTCH" Burgers & Fries at DMK Burger Bar
2954 N. Sheffield Avenue Chicago, Illinois 773-360-8686

We had a big group of nine with us when we headed out to DMK Burger Bar around 5:00pm on Sunday afternoon. We were seated at a tall, communal table with barstools among a few other diners. The atmosphere was lively. So lively in fact that it was difficult having a conversation with the loud music and other diners trying to talk over the music. But the food and drinks were top notch and made up for the loud music. The burgers are handmade and cooked well done similar to The Five Guys burger only MUCH better. The burgers come with the most fabulous fries and homemade catsup. My fries were topped with parmesan cheese and truffle oil, yum! 
The food and service was great. 
I give the DMK Burger Bar a cool, hip, Chicago style:
Tips………. and……… Abs
       (young, great looking crowd)
(Friendly, proficient staff)………….and………….
By the way when we were leaving the line to get in was getting longer. Get there early for dinner!
I want to say that DMK Burger Bar was a great burger spot especially with all the hype I heard before going but it just wasn't. The music was so loud you could not talk to the person sitting next to you. The burgers were just ok, they could only be ordered well done, making them tasteless. The saving grace with the food were the fries, they were seasoned with various spices and cheeses making them some of the best I've had. They also had the Best Sweet Potato Fries, my favorite. Their wide selection of bottled and draft beers, seemed very popular with the crowd. Overall it was a great afternoon with friends and coworkers but a zero as far as restraunts go. I give it three soggy fries.....

Friday, May 4, 2012


National Competition: Top Gay Bartenders Come to Palm Springs for Finale
Palm Springs, Calif. – May 3, 2012 Since February, Palm Springs has challenged top bartenders from fifteen LGBT clubs and restaurants across the nation to stir, shake and mix-up desert inspired cocktails for its 3rd annual “Palm Springs Summer Splash Cocktail Challenge,” presented by Here Media and Stoli Vodka.  A winner from each club is coming to Palm Springs to compete in the “Cocktail Challenge Finale” on May 31, 2012 at 6 p.m. at Hunter’s Nightclub in Palm Springs.
“This grass-roots promotion is a creative approach to raise awareness in direct flights and drive markets through audience participation,” said Mary Jo Ginther, Director of Tourism. “We bring Palm Springs to these cities to reach potential visitors and meet Palm Springs fans who rave about our destination.”
By the end of this campaign, Palm Springs Summer Splash Cocktail Challenges will be held in Chicago, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Las Vegas, Long Beach, New York City, Portland, Sacramento, San Jose, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver and the last one on May 13 in West Hollywood.
The finale on May 31 will be emceed by Bella de Ball, while the fifteen bartenders compete against each other to develop their city’s winning Palm Springs inspired cocktail using Stolichnaya vodka. Each bartender will be evaluated on taste, presentation and name. The bartenders will also be judged on creativity and attire, as well as presentation and audience participation. Contestants will receive bonus points if “Palm” or “Springs” is in the name of the signature drink. This year’s invited judges include Bob Bogard of Palm Springs Art Museum and Will Dean, editor of Desert Outlook Magazine.
For the Palm Springs Summer Splash Cocktail Challenge event schedule and participating bartender and clubs, visit and follow “Martini Mike’s” blog to find out the inside scoop on the contestants, locations, sponsors  - as well as photos from the promotional nights.
“We were able to expand our efforts to reach potential LBGT traveler in all of these cities with the support of our many sponsors, both on the local and national level,” added Ginther.
The Palm Springs Summer Splash Cocktail Challenge is sponsored by the following:
  • Here Media – Presenting Media Sponsor
  • Stoli – Presenting Spirits Sponsor
  • Alaska Airlines – Official Airline Sponsor
  • GayCities – Online and Social Media Sponsor
  • Desert Gay Tourism Guild – Platinum Sponsor
  • Palm Springs Pride – Gold Sponsor
  • IGLTA – Gold Sponsor
  • GLBT Travel Store – Silver Sponsor
  • Go Softwear – Official Apparel Sponsor
  • EDGE Palm Springs – Regional Media Sponsor
  • Desert Outlook Magazine – Regional Media Sponsor
Palm Springs is home to nearly 30 gay and lesbian-owned and/or operated resorts and guesthouses, including many that are clothing optional. Palm Springs is located within two hours from Los Angeles. Gay travel and hot deals online at