Monday, September 30, 2013


Since 1981, the Troupers have brought laughs to thousands of residents and visitors of Southern California with their unique and hilarious blend of high-camp comedy skits.  They’ve performed weekly engagements at well known Los Angeles clubs including Studio One, the Apache, Oil Can Harry’s and Rage.   The Troupers also performed engagements at clubs and events in Santa Barbara, Long Beach, Laguna Beach, Palm Springs and San Diego.

The popularity of the Troupers show and great audience response has gained them the notoriety as “Southern California’s funniest high-camp comedy ensemble.

Their active involvement in the Gay community has been very visible through their performances on the Main Stage for nine (9) Los Angeles Gay Pride festivals, Palm Springs Pride, and participation in numerous fund-raisers for AIDS support, research organizations and programs; Guide Dogs for the Blind; Orphan Pet Oasis of the Desert;  and many others.  Through fund raising events and audience support, the Troupers have donated food and durable goods, and raised thousands of dollars almost every year for important community organizations.

In 1997, The Troupers changed their calendar from weekly shows in Los Angeles to monthly performances and other special event engagements in Palm Springs, and play to packed houses at every show. 

From their vast collection of skits, the Troupers create a different show each month.   Some of their audience favorites include tributes and spoofs of famous TV shows;  musical groups from the 50’s to today;  movies and Broadway shows;  various camp take-offs of well known actors, singers and performers;  and numerous original comedy sketches.  Other skits lampoon veteran icons of the Gay community, and new creations are added to shows on a regular basis to satirize current local and world events.

The Troupers perform their hilarious high-camp comedy show at 6pm every first Saturday of the month at Hunters Nightclub inPalm Springs, CA.  The only exception to their schedule is that in November, their show is on the second Saturday.

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

f l a m B O Y a n c e , HUNTERS

H U N T E R S ' 
Weekly Drag Showcase
GOALS THIS MONTH! The Audiences have been Out of This World!
The masses have enjoyed the guest stars and they're asking for more.

Stay close for next month's AMAZING LINE-UP! 

H U N T E R S Spirits Elevated!

Monday, September 16, 2013

OUTPOURING of Nostalgia, Hunters Chicago

LAST WEEK, Mark Hunter, founder of Hunters Nightclubs , officially announced the closing of Hunters Chicago after 30 remarkably joyous years of service
to the Chicago suburban gay community. 
The OUTPOURING OF NOSTALGIA & Loving Words, commented on Facebook, from our patrons from the past 3 decades has been overwhelming; bittersweet to say the least.  

Below are some of these heartwarming comments :
Philip Jeremy  Just heard you are closing. How sad. I met my partner Jim on January 28th 2000, it'll be 14 years in 2014. Best thing to ever happen to me!!! I'll always remember Hunter's. We all have so many stories and memories. Thanks for the memories Mark Hunter and staff, you'll be missed.

Roman Liufa I will miss "Hunters Chicago". Super dance floor, cool DJs. And very nice staff! Thank you all!

Roman Liufa I will miss "Hunters Chicago". Super dance floor, cool DJs. And very nice staff! Thank you all!
Scott Zuncic Thank you Mark Hunter and Patrick Volkert for great memories!!! Hunters was the first place I came to after "coming out". I had my very first date there.....and have met my "Best of friends" that I have known for 20+ years. Hunters felt like "Home". And even though the bar will be changing it's name and owners, I sure hope it still feels like "Home". I will at least have the many great memories that will always remain with me. Best of luck to you Mark & Patrick on your "Contnuous Journey". Don't forget to come back and visit!! Take care....and thank you again for giving me a place to celebrat life!!!

Keith Sunde Mark I'm sure don't remember me as we met several times through-out the years. Thank you for Hunters you gave us a place where we were safe and had fun! The 80's it was shoulder pads and dance music & big hair. I would stay until the lights came on. I also remember when you bought the matching riviera cars & every New Years Eve Party....Hunter's Chicago is Missed & will be Missed! It was a Landmark of Elk Grove Village. Mark Hunter you are huge part of the Proud Gay Man I Grow Up to Become for that THANK YOU! I would like to meet you once again sometime in the near future I'm near Disney World these day in Clermont FL.

Scott Zuncic Best of luck to you Mark & Patrick.!!! I just want to thank you for the many many years I have gone to Hunters. It felt like "home" there because it was the very first place I went to after I came out. I had my very first date it's a very special place in my heart. So many good memories!!! I know the name and owners are changing, the bar will live on. I just hope it still feels like "home". Thank you again, especially to you, Mark, for making Hunters a great place to celebrate life!

Friday, September 13, 2013


This will be one of the most important letters that I will ever write…….and post (Big exhale)

 I respectfully owe Hunters Chicago a great letter. 

How do I begin this letter when I know it’s not the end of a legacy, but a continuous journey? And how do I finish it up? I feel a big responsibility. 
 For thirty one reliable years Hunters Chicago has provided us all with fun, safe and happy times, without fail, always there proud and strong. Considering she opened in 1982 in the suburbs this is quite an accomplishment. From day one, she opened her heart and gave us all so much. I am ever so thankful for her kind gifts. At the age of sixty I look back and realize she has given me a wonderful life full of memories that I will always cherish. 
  Some see her as “Cheers” with welcoming friends and conversation over a drink. Others see her as a gleaming palace from high atop a dance block. I see her as an icon.

On September 23, 2013 Hunters Chicago will be closing its doors. Although she will not be in operation, she will not be forgotten. She will remain in the hearts of those that she has touched for many years to come. So it isn’t the end, it is just a fork in the road of that journey we all call life. 

I would like to invite everyone to come share your memories and what Hunters Chicago has meant to you. We will be having a Bon Voyage party on Saturday, September 21. I look forward to seeing you there.  There is still time left to make some new memories and even some new friends. The final night will be Sunday, September 22. Please share this information so that everyone has the opportunity to be included.

I wish there were a way I could thank all the wonderful people who have passed through the doors of Hunters Chicago for their undying loyalty and support. Without you Hunters Chicago would never be the place she is. But I will simply say thank you!
Bon Voyage!
Best wishes to all, and to The New PhoenixBar.

Mark Hunter
Spirits Elevated!