Friday, September 21, 2012

"Madonna Blows James Brown (One Last Kiss)"
the Lastest Podcast by HUNTERS' Very Own
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Friday, September 7, 2012

Have You Heard? IT'S HUGE!

I T ' S  H U G E  !

Are YOU Invited to Hunter's
Magnificently Monstrous Anniversary Party?

Over the past thirty years, thousands of you now reading this have partied, danced, laughed and found love within the pulsating walls of Hunters in Elk Grove Village. 
Test yourself with this quiz down Memory Lane, answering True or False to each item.
You'll need to get at least ONE correct in order to be invited to our mega-anniversary party.

1) True or False? On Friday, October 22, 1982, Mark Hunter, feeling very hip in his snazzy gold 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit convertible, was nervously speeding to the Grand Opening Very First Night Ever of Hunters when, still several blocks away, the entire transmission suddenly wrenched itself from the engine compartment and plummeted to the ground. Hoofing it the rest of the way, Mark prayed this was not a sign of opening night karma for his new dream venture: the first, biggest and best gay nightclub in the Chicago suburbs. However, wIth little more than word-of-mouth buzz, Hunters was absolutely packed on its first night open!

2) True or False? Although Hunters has hosted countless gala celebrations over the years, NOTHING has ever come even CLOSE to what their 30th Anniversary Party promises to be!

3) True or False? As extravagantly fabulous as this evening will be, it will only truly be memorable if YOU are there!

For all those who answered TRUE to at least one question above, read on for more details
…because YOU are IN, baby!

T I M E L I N E : Thursday, October 18, 2012 :
Enter the party at 8pm, first posing for complementary commemorative snapshots of you in our Club Photo Booth. An extensive food buffet 
with an elaborate ice sculpture overlooking sumptuous hors d'oeuvres (including shrimp and decadent anniversary cake) is our gift to you…along with a fashionable cocktail bracelet (sure to become a treasured family heirloom),
good for three of our select adult beverages.

Ready now for some deep aural pleasure? Legendary cabaret performer Honey West belts out her best numbers till 9pm, after which Hunters "Can't Stop the Music" begins, taking you back to our '80s disco roots! Hosted by Chicago's documented "Best Female Impersonator" Miss Foozie and DJ'd by Ron G., the club will be a bitchen brick house of groovy disco duds to the max (costumes highly encouraged!). The treasure chest giveaway by Boxboy Rich includes tambourines, whistles, dance fans, flaggers, confetti, glow sticks, and more: special performances from the staff, a vintage video presentation of 30 years of Hunters patrons, ripped male dancers working magic with a a long, hard pole...and divas, divas and MORE divas, doing what they do best! As the night progresses, so do the music, the videos, the dancing…all the way up to this minute!

Although it is virtually impossible to package up all the millions of incredible memories, life-changing experiences and, most of all, phenomenal people I have absorbed over these past 30 years, opening Hunters Chicago has been, without a doubt, the pinnacle of my life. To fully commemorate this momentous milestone, your presence would truly be the icing on the cake.